Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. Collection and processing of data

Customer data is collected only to the extent that it is necessary for the execution of e-commerce.

2. General Data Protection Regulation

The Strato AG stores all data. An "Agreement on order processing in accordance with Art. 28 para. 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation" has been concluded with Strato AG. These can be viewed on request (in German language).

3. Storing datas,  cookies

This shop is rented by the Strato AG (, on whose servers the data is stored. For data protection in this area, I refer to the privacy statements of Strato AG ( Cookies are not actively used by me, but can possibly be placed by the rented web shop software. The data will not be deleted on a regular basis. To delete data see section 6!

4. Disclosure of Data

It will not pass on any customer data through me to others.

Should I become legally compelled to disclose customer data to governments, this will be done in the least possible extent. In this case I will inform my website about it.

5. Security

My hardware is protected by professional, regularly updated anti-virus programs to prevent unauthorized use of the data on the current state of the art.

6. Modify, and delete data

Upon request, your customer data can be deleted or changed. By me no backup copies of customer data is stored. To clear the data in backups at the provider, I refer to the privacy statements of Strato AG (

7. Your statutory rights

Upon your request, I will inform you what data is stored about you with me.

8. Questions

For questions, please contact me directly (