When selecting the folding cards, you must select the folding. You may choose between "creased" and "creased & folded".

What is the difference between "creased" and "creased & folded"?
It is difficult to fold thick paper exactly. Therefore, a groove or notch is pressed into the paper during "creasing". This allows the card to be folded more exactly.
In the variant "creased", the card is delivered as an A4 sheet with the groove. The sheet can then be printed on with text or pictures in the printer (laser or inkjet printer) and then folded.
In the "creased & folded" variant, the card is delivered folded to A5 format. If the card is to be printed on in the printer, the card can be unfolded and placed in the printer (in A4). However, due to the folding already made, the sheet is no longer straight and there may be paper jams or direct contact between the paper and the print head (in the case of inkjet printers).

Finally the product is the same in both cases; it differs only in delivery condition.

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Folded Card Christmas french

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